Sunday, September 12, 2021

Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing

Red-wattled Lapwing. Scientific name Vanellus indicus.In addition to Assam and Myanmar, it is found in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. The gender of these is not easily understood; Male and female birds are similar in appearance. The head, neck, chin, throat, and chest are dark black, the outer and wings are pale brass and the area between the tail and back are white. There is a white stripe starting from the eyebrows of the bird and reaching to the underside of the neck. The tail is 118–123.5 mm long and oblong, with a broad black band. The red eyes, beak, and the skin between them are red, so the face of the red-eyed squirrel looks like it is covered with saffron. When the bird spreads its wings, you can clearly see the water droplets on the black feathers. Legs greenish-yellow; The nails are black. The foot also has a very small toe. The eyebrows are red and extend to the forehead. The nostril is a gap in the upper jaw.

They live on the floor. Unable to sit on the tree. They can stand still and stay away from the eyes of their enemies and are not afraid of human beings. They are capable of flying very fast and also exhibit the ability to run fast. Chenkanni is inhabited by rocks, open spaces, and fields near water bodies. Red eyes are found singly or in pairs or in small groups of five or six. In India, it is found in all regions except Rajasthan, Kashmir, and the Himalayas. Rare in the interior. Can be seen up to 2000 m. It usually hunts during the day. They also prey on moonlit nights. The loud sound of the red-eyed kick-kick-titi-tui-tititui helps the bird to be easily identified. They make a lot of noise when they see enemies, especially humans. This warning sound is often used not only by these birds but also by many other animals as a means of escape from enemies. Caterpillars feed on floor and soil pests, worms, and worms. After running a short distance and suddenly digging three or four times in the soil, the bird raises its head and looks in all four directions, and then runs in the other direction again and again. On the floor in the open, on the plowed ground, on the roofs of buildings. A hollow hive made of small pebbles. Both spouses will protect the pups. Spouses pretend to be winged to divert the attention of those approaching. When the enemies approach the birds, the birds fly away. On moonlit nights, they make noises and fly away

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