Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher

Common Kingfisher. Scientific name: Alcedo atthis taprobana. This bird is also known as Ponman and is easily found near the inland waters of Kerala. At times, the bird can be seen flying around the pond or over the fields, often chirping and chirping. The bird usually flies during the summer months beginning in February.About 5-6 inches in size. Upper body nice bright blue. The underside and a stripe near the eye are brown. There is also a white band behind the eyes. It also sits near ponds and eats fish and other small aquatic creatures. This small bird is often seen flying over water. The bird flutters its wings, makes a croaking noise, and dropped dead.

If the fish he catches is slightly larger or harder, the bird will swallow it only after it has been bitten on both hands. Fish are not the only food for fish. It feeds on frogs and other small species of insects. It's just that the whole food is aquatic. The breeding season of these birds is from November to June. Lays up to seven eggs at a time. They lay their eggs in burrows about one meter long on the shores of water bodies. Male and female are alternately closed. That's the way to raise a baby. This bird is very handsome but its nest is ugly. The mouth of the cage has the nature and odor of a common thorn as the closed bird and the growing chicks excrete in the nest and at the entrance. Only another lovely salt nest can beat it in terms of dirt.

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