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AYYAPPAN know as AYYAN Hisyory

AYYAPPAN know as AYYAN Hisyory
Ayyappan know as Ayyan who had a place with the Vellalar Kulam, was the military head of the Pandalam regal family. He lived with his uncle Perisseri Pillai of Erumeli, Kottayam dist, Kerala. This was around ten ages back. Ayyan was instrumental in the thrashing of Udayanan, who assaulted Sabarimala and attempted to wreck the old Sastha sanctuary in the thick backwoods of present Pathanamthitta area. In the interim, the Royal group of King Pandya had moved from Tamilnadu around 800 years back. Sabarimala with the help of Ayyan, Vavar, a Muslim youth from Kanjirappally, Kadutha, a Nair youth from Muzhukeer, Chenganoor, Alapuzha dist. During a conflict, Ayyappan got murdered. His uncle, Perissery Pillai, built the Kochampalam - an old little Sastha sanctuary - at Erumeli, inverse the Vavar Pally, developed by Muslims in memory of Vavar Swamy. After the destruction of Ayyappan individuals felt that he was the avathar of Lord Sastha and started to revere him. Later Ayyappan and Sastha moved toward becoming synonymous. Ayyappan was the child of a Nalankal Krishna Pillai in his book Mahashekthrangalkkumunpil states that Brahmins never had the name Ayyappan or Ayyan. Ayyan had an area with "Vellalar kulam, Near Erumeli, Kottayam, Kerala. . In a similar compound there is a multi-year old, covered, exhausted, mud house, the place of Perissery Pillai, Ayyappan's uncle and the Vellal Chieftain of Erumeli. There even today one can see the antiquated sword utilized by Ayyappan to kill the immense Eruma-mahisham. Where the eruma was executed turned out to be Erumakolly and later Erumeli. Sabarimala pilgrims, Ayyappans, direct the Erumeli Pettaithullal This is to commemorate the killing of mahisham by Ayyan and is celebrated during the long stretch of December-January consistently. Pillai is basic name among vellalas of Kottayam, Alapuzha, Pathanamthitta, Idukki and Ernakulam areas of Kerala. Various Ayyappan kovils were built by Vellalas who moved from Tamilnadu to Kerala, for example, Erumeli, Kanam and so forth.
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