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Idukki Arch Dam History

Idukki Arch Dam History
Constructing a dam for power age was first considered in 1919. According to history, Shri Columban, the head of 'Araya' race during 1922, demonstrated the path to the Malankara Domain Director and his companion Thomas, who were on chasing binge in the woods, the spot of present Arch Dam. He let them know of the legend of Kuravan and Kurathi Slopes. Mr. Thomas was intrigued by seeing water stream between the mountains and it was his thought that has appeared as Idukki Arch Dam. Sri. W.J.John of Malankara Domain presented a report to the Legislature of Travancore in 1932 on the probability of developing a dam at Idukki for Power Age.

In 1947, a fundamental examination report was arranged and put together by Sri.P.Joseph John, at that point Boss Electrical Architect to the Legislature of Travancore. It was during 1956 that the Focal Water Commission directed a point by point examination dependent on the Administration's solicitation. The venture report was set up in 1961 and the Arranging Commission agreed authorization for actualizing the plan in 1963 and the starter works of the undertaking were begun. The development of this Dam started on 30 April 1969. Capacity of water in Idukki repository started in February 1973. The introduction of the preliminary keep running of the primary machine was commended on fourth October,1975. Business activity of the Power Station was Appointed on 12 February 1976 by the then Hon. PM Smt. Indira Gandhi. Development of this Arch Dam and two different dams at Cheruthony and Kulamavu has made a counterfeit pool of 60 km. width and the water put away, is used for the creation of power at the special Moolamattom Powerhouse, which is situated inside the rough surrenders. Remote Guide The Idukki Dam undertaking was helped by the Administration of Canada through long haul advances and awards. Counseling Designers from Canada were exhorting and helping Undertaking Specialists under the Canadian Guide. The Idukki Dam, situated in Kerala, India, is a 168.91 m (554 ft) tall arch dam. The dam remains between the two mountains – Kuravanmala (839)m and Kurathimala (925)m. It was developed and is claimed by the Kerala State Power Board. It bolsters a 780 MW hydroelectric power station. It is based on the Periyar Waterway, in the gorge between the Kuravan and Kurathi Slopes in Kerala, India. At 167.68 meters, it is one of the most elevated arch dams in Asia and the third tallest arch dam. It began creating power on 4 October 1975.[1] Actually, the dam type is a solid twofold ebb and flow illustrative, flimsy bend dam. This dam was developed alongside two different dams at Cheruthoni and Kulamavu. Together, the three dams have made a counterfeit lake that is 60 km² in territory. The putaway water is utilized to deliver power at the Moolamattom Powerhouse, which is situated inside close by rough buckles. The Legislature of Canada supported in the structure of the dam with long haul advances and awards
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