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Mozambique was aprovince ot Portugal lo-
cated on Atnca s south-eastern coast. With
an area of 799,380 km2 it is much larger
than Portugal itself. Mozambique s har-
bours at Lourenco Marques (the capital
and Beira serve the shipping needs of
neighbouring African countries, to which
they are linked by rail. The vast majority
f Mozambique's 9,200,000 people are
Aficans of Bantu-speaking tribes. Many
of them work in South African mines and
Others work on Mozambique s
own farms, which are mostly in the fertile
river valleys. Cashew nuts, cotton, sisal
and sugar-cane are important crops. Iea
grows in the highlands.
Vasco da Gama discovered Mozambique
in 1498. Portuguese settlers arrived during
the early 1500 s, and the region became
important in the slave-trade. Private com-
panies controlled the province from 1891
until 1942, when the government took
Mozambique was the last large
African country that is still dominated by
a European mation.
In the 1960s and
early 1970s, Portugal maintained a large
army in Mozambique to contain terrorist
1975 independence was achieved and the
ruling party then supported black Rhode-
sian guerrillas.
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